EZ-X Bridging Floor Joist Bridging System ®

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EZ-X Bridging will help eliminate the floor from flexing and bounce, install easier, look cleaner and also save labor installation costs. EZ-X Bridging System for floors and flat roofs will improve the distribution of loads throughout the entire floor. The ONE-PIECE SYSTEM is connected by a rivet that assembles the two pieces of single bridging through a sliding slot system that SELF-ALIGNS and SELF-ADJUSTS to variances of on center dimensions. They are installed by 4 #8 x 1 1/4"coarse threaded screws for excellent hold down power. EZ-X will help your floor to be stronger with less flexing and squeaking. Another advantage of EZ-X, our product  can be installed to existing floor joists. Just turn them over & screw them in from below. VIEW VIDEO They are designed to be installed  on 2x10” and  2x12” standard lumber joists on 16” centers. An excellent galvanized steel product for outdoor patio decks. Proudly MADE IN THE USA. US Patent Number Pat.D852,986