Why the Shingle Stripper?

Posted by Zach Saddler on


After a hot Friday of working road construction, some workers talked about their weekend plans. While some explained their fun plans, one man moaned about tearing off his sister’s roof early the next day. A few co-workers offered to lend a hand including the founder of MBI Tools, LLC. the owner was unaware of how that morning would change his life.

Saturday morning the owner began the roofing job with one of the guys handing him a pitchfork to start tearing off the old shingles. The founder and a co-worker used it to each tear off a 10 x 10 section. He noticed six or seven tools scattered around the site to tear off the roof, but nothing seemed to make the dreadful job any easier. After finally tearing off all the shingles with a pitchfork, he noticed all the nails left to pull up and said, “They gotta make a better tool than this.”

It came to him no one in the area knew of any better tool than a pitchfork or a shovel, so he seized the opportunity to create something every roofer would utilize to save time and labor. He held welding knowledge from working at a factory and skills from his father as a fabricator. He turned his vision into real life. Continuously trying to make improvements until he was satisfied enough for roofers themselves to try out his idea.

Still working construction, he traveled around the Midwest for jobs. Always bringing a few of his inventions in the back of his pick-up truck in case he spotted a contractor on a roof.  When he saw roofers working, he left his Shingle Stripper and gained feedback of what to improve or what to remove. Roofers loved his idea and were always willing to offer advice, knowing it would make their jobs a little easier in the end result.

From the beginning MBI Tools have adapted and improved the design or ergonomics of the Shingle Stripper. The great utility of the Shingle Stripper is its functionalism. In one swift motion the shingles and the nails are removed from the roof. Making it the a new shingle removal tool and turned it into the ultimate shovel you see today by taking your feed back creating, Shingle Stripper.