5 Roof Problems to Check from the Ground

Posted by Zach Saddler on

These five easy tips on how to check a roof for any problems WITHOUT getting on a ladder! The tips you're about to learn make it incredibly easy to check if you need to order some Shingle Stripper and take down your old roof.

1. Check the ground for pebbles or parts of the asphalt shingle have crumbled. By far one of the most effective ways to tell if a roof is on its way out is by just perusing the lawn and landscaping for any little piece of shingle you might find. If you find a piece it means your roof is deteriorating and you'll want to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

2. Look for whole shingles that might be pulling up, cracked, or even missing. Give a quick peep at the whole roof and double check nothing seems off.

3. Check for rust! If you see rust by the drip edge you know the roof is on its way out. This more than likely means the roof is failing.

4. Make sure there's no moss. If you see any moss on the roof, try to use a broom and sweep off the moss. If you're unable to use a broom you can always go up on the roof and use a 50:50 concoction of bleach and water. Put that in a spray bottle, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash away with low-pressure water.

5. Look for cracked caulk on siding and edges. Once you see a crack, time to react.